143 | To Sir George Pocock

    Castle Wm. Near Boston Augst. 1st. 1762.


    A Ship is just arrived here which Sailed from England on May 22, under Convoy of the Antelope; I thought proper to send the Masters declaration, that you may judge of the probability of the Antilope’s falling into the Enemys hands. The Sirene Man of War & another Vessel hired for that purpose were cruising on the Banks of Newfoundland to meet the Antilope; but it is probable She has missed them, as this Ship arrived on the Coast 2 days after she lost the Antilope Another Vessel which arrived to day brings advice that the french were repairing & adding to the fortifications of St. Johns both to the land & sea. This is to be put on board the schooner Shirley packet now lying off this Castle bound for New Providence; which has allready on board a packet containing duplicates of & additions to the Advices of the french having taken St. Johns, which I sent to you Express by the schooner Good intent Witty Master, which Sailed from hence on Mondy July 19th which I hope will arrive Safe565

    It is now generally allowed that this french fleet came from Brest & is the Same which was seen off the Western Islands566 by the Superbe, the Danae & the Gosport It consists of the Robuste of 74 or 70 one of 64 one of 44 or 40 one of 24 & another frigate which was dispatched to France on the Surrender of St. Johns. The land forces are 15 or 1600 Regulars.567 It is said the Grammont is sent to England as a Cartel with the Garrison.

    I am with great regard,

    His Excellency Sr. George Pococke &c &c

    P.S.568 Since I wrote this another Ship is come in the information of whose master I inclose. I add another Declaration which I have received since I wrote the former

    L, LbC BP, 2: 170.