194 | To Benning Wentworth

    Boston March 14th. 1763


    I am desired by the Genl. Court of this Province to acquaint you, that they find it necessary to provide against the wast committed upon their lands at the Head of Nychiwannock river adjoining to your province. They have therefore appointed three Gentlemen to join with such as may appointed by your province to perambulate the line between the Province ^of New hampshire & the Province^ of Main so called, and to Ascertain the same by proper boundary marks: And I hereby request your concurrence with this proposal on the behalf of your Province. It will be necessary to provide a good practical Mathematician that may be depended upon for taking the Variation of the Compass: if you can furnish such a one we will look no further; if not, I will endeavour to procure a proper person

    I am with great regard Sr. your most obet. and most

    His Excellency Govr. Wentworth

    L, LbC BP, 2: 294-295.

    The Massachusetts-New Hampshire boundary dispute can be followed in Hutchinson, History of Massachusetts, 2: 290-297.