238 | From the Earl of Halifax

    St: James’s, October 19th. 1763.


    His Majesty being informed by Dispatches lately received from Sir Jeffery Amherst, Commander in Chief of His Forces in North America, that the Insurrections of the Indian Nations, which have for some Time been increasing, now bear the Appearance of becoming general, has judged it necessary to require the Assistance of such His Colonies, as are most interested by their Situation, or most able by their Circumstances, to contribute to the general Purposes of Defence, and of Annoyance of the Savages, in order to put the most speedy End to the great Mischiefs, of which this extensive and most barbarous State of War is productive. I am therefore to signify to You His Majesty’s Pleasure, that You earnestly recommend it, in His Majesty’s Name, to the General Assembly of the Province under your Government, forthwith to make Provision for enabling You to call out a sufficient Number of the Militia, or to raise such a reasonable Number of Troops, as, from the actual State of the Indian War, Sir Jeffery Amherst shall think necessary; and to employ Them not only in defending and protecting the Lives and Properties of His Majesty’s Subjects on the Frontiers of your Government, but also in acting offensively against the Indians, at such Places, and in such Manner, as the said Commander in Chief shall judge proper to direct.

    And His Majesty trusts, that the Legislature of your Government, from their Zeal and Affection for His Service, as well as from a just Regard to the Safety and Welfare of the Colony, will readily and chearfully concur in exerting Themselves upon this important Occasion, to the End that His Majesty’s Subjects in North America may peaceably enjoy the Fruits of the many glorious Successes obtained there by His Majesty’s victorious Arms, during the late War, and the extensive Advantages secured to Them by the late Peace.

    I am, with great Truth and Regard, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant.

    Dunk Halifax

    Governor of the Massachusets Bay.

    LS, RC BP, 10: 143-146.