44 | From Jeffery Amherst

    New York, 26th. April 1761.__


    I have Yesterday received the favor of Your Letter of the 18th. Instant,232 Enclosing a Copy of Your message to the Gentlemen of the Council, & the House of Representatives as likewise the Formation of the Corps of 3000 men into Three Regiments, by which I see it will be most agreable that Colonel Twing’s Regiment, or Colonel Hore’s should be sent to Halifax, as I must send one of the three Regts. to that Place; I shall therefore leave it to You to appoint either of those Regiments You think proper for that Service, and I intend the other two Regiments should proceed to Crown Point in the same manner as the Troops did last Year.__

    I greatly fear the Levies will be more backward this Year in several of the Provinces, than what they have been heretofore; but as it is very necessary, that Troops should go to the different posts where they are allotted, I must beg of You to hasten the Compleating of the Regiments as fast as possible.__

    I acquainted You in my Letter of the 9th.,233 that in all probability a part of the Massachusetts Troops would be required for the service in Nova Scotia; whichever of the two Regiments I have mentioned You fix on for this service, I should think can’t be Assembled at any place so well as at the Castle Barracks, from whence they may Embark to proceed immediately to Halifax.__

    I shall write to Mr. Hancock234 that the necessary Quantity of Tonnage may be ready for Conveying this Regiment to Halifax; and to Capt. Moncrieffe,235 who is at Boston, that he shall muster them, and pay them the four pences from the time of their Enlistment to the time they are put on board, at which period they will be Supplied with the King’s Provisions; and as there can be no Occasion for a Convoy at present there need not be the least delay in their proceeding to Halifax, so soon as they are ready.__

    I Come now to Inform You of my Intentions, in regard to the other two Regiments, which are, that I would have them march in the same manner as Your Troops did last Year to Worcester & Springfield where there shall be Sufficient magazines formed for Victualling these Regiments in their march to Albany, where I propose they should Rendezvous.

    I shall also send an Officer, or two, to pay the men the four pences from their time of Enlistment to that of their receiving the King’s Provisions, and I trust to Your Zeal for the good of His Majesty’s Service that You will hasten as much as You can the march of these two Regiments, as well as the Embarkation of the one Destined for Halifax.__

    I am, with great Regard, Sir, Your most Obedient Humble Servant.

    Jeff: Amherst

    His Excellency Governor Bernard.

    P:S: Colonel Jarvis236 of Boston has already orders from the Contractors Agents for supplying the Troops with Provisions in their march to Albany.__


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