192 | To John Pownall

    Boston. Feb: 22. 1763

    Dr Sr

    I hereby transmitt to you a Copy of an Address from the Council & House of Representatives in answer to my Message, informing them of the cessation of Arms, which if you think it proper, you will lay before their Lordships. I have sent a copy of the same to the Secretary of State.718

    I was in hopes to have sent you the Acts of this Session by this conveyance: but the public business has been very much retarded by the animosities which have been introduced into the general Assembly by a violent prosecution of a request of Mr Mauduits to have his Brother Israel Mauduit associated with him in the Agency This purpose having failed in the Assembly is now become the Subject of Virulent libells against all concerned in the Administration or the support of the Government. If Mr Mauduit knew what a wicked use was made of his name & cause, & that they are now in the hands of a person, as his tools for the declared purpose of raising a flame in the government, I should think he would withdraw himself from those connexions as fast as he can.719

    I find that the Miscarriage of the duplicates of my grant720 which I sent for the use of your board has occasion’d some inconvenience: I therefore now send a triplicate. It is not on paper fit to go thro’ public offices; but it is the only one I have: & I hope it will be tenderly handled.

    I expect the Assembly will rise the End of this week, & then I shall write to you with more liesure than at present.721

    I am Sr &c

    J Pownall Esq.

    L, LbC BP, 2: 264-265.