172 | To Jasper Mauduit

    Castle William Novr 6 1762


    I am favoured with your Letter of the 2d of August.647 I did not consider Mr Bollans Sollicitation of the confirmation of the grant of Mount Desert as a meer provincial Business, altho’ it is certain that the Province is much interested in the Event of it; and for that reason I did not think it necessary immediately upon Mr Bollans quitting the Agency to engage you or any other person to transact that Affair. But as Mr Bollan thought proper to Consign the grant made to me to you to your care with the other provincial business, you have taken the most proper steps you could, in acting in Concert with Mr Jackson; As you by my Letters wrote to Mr Jackson in July last.648 In these I desired him to take upon him the management of this business when Mr Bollan should quit it, & as it was of great consequence to the province, I recommended to him to desire your Assistance as Provincial Agent. Your Conception of the part you Should take in this Affair has theretofore exactly tallied with mine.__

    It is not my intention to take upon myself alone the defence of the provinces right to that Country: There is a Committee appointed to prepare instructions for that Purpose. and therefore, if the confirmation cannot be Obtained, you should take care that the determination of the question be suspended untill the Province can intervene for themselves. In this you will advise with Mr Jackson.

    I shall be glad to contribute anything in my power for making your Agency easy & comfortable to you, consistently with my Sentiments of the Exigencys of the province, which are Such, that I cannot be indifferent about the Interests of the province being properly supported, & its rights effectually defended

    I am &c

    Jasper Mauduit Esq

    L, LbC BP, 2: 224-225.