115 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston May 18. 1762


    I yesterday wrote to you482 on the subject of the embargo, a letter which you must perceive to be dictated in an hurry; as indeed it was, being wrote before I left the Council chamber that it might be ready for the post. I then acquainted you that I would write to you on the subject of the illegal trade carried on by the traders of some of the North American provinces as soon as I could take into consideration the full purport of the papers you favoured me with and recollect my own ideas of the matters contained therein. Before I could set about this I have the pleasure to acquaint you of an affair relative thereto that I believe will be very agreable to you.

    When I sent out the province Ship King George upon its cruise, I instructed the Captain to consider the Victuallers of Hispaniola & Missisippi as the Kings Enemies. He has accordingly sent into this port, as a Prize, the sloop Sally John Shoals Master laden with Sugar & Indigo from Hispaniola. From the depositions which have been taken this day, (being the same the prize arrived) It appears that She left New York laded with flour without any clearance or any public papers except her Register. That She went to the port aux Cayes near Port Louis in Hispaniola, where she disposed of her cargo, & took in a lading cheifly of Sugar & some Indigo. The Master of her has behaved in so candid a Manner that I could not use any greater Severity against him than obliging him to stipulate in the Admiralty for his appearance there. His owner is Mr Lawrence Kortright of New York.483 I must add that when this Sloop left port aux Cayes there came out in company the sloop Rover [blank] master bound to Rhode Island. From a Dutch Gentleman who was a passenger in this Sloop I learn that Vessels from Jamaica are not uncommon in French Hispaniola. I have also this intelligence; that between 6 & 7 weeks ago 14 ships of the line Supposed to be the English Fleet from Martinico to Jamaica passed by Hispaniola; and that it was expected at Cape Francois that 21 Spanish ships of the line would join the french to attack Jamaica.

    I write this without the papers referr’d to before me, that it may be ready for the first opportunity of sending it away. If I have time I shall rectify & authenticate it; being now setting out for Castle William in order to give some necessary orders both for the provincial & regular service. In regard to the latter Mr Hancock has a brig ready, which We shall load with recruits, as full as may be, on Monday next.484 I shall referr what I have to say on that business to that conveyance.

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    His Excellency Sr Jeffry Amherst.

    P.S. Council chamber May 20.

    I inclose a resolve of the Council this morning & earnestly recommend the contents to your consideration that I may have your consent to permitt flour to be shipt for the ports Northward of this port. I have been very much pressed to permit it immediately but am desirous to have your previous Approbation. I will send Copies of the Examinations of Shoals &c by the next post.

    I enclose you an extract of a S Carolina Gazette which is just come to hand, tho I suppose it has come to you before. I send this by an express that as little loss may be made by the damage of the flour (part of which is supposed to be spoiling evry day) as possible.

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, ff 135-136.