73 | To the Rev. Edward Bass

    Boston Sepbr. 21st. 1761


    Mr. Caner has communicated to me your letters concerning an intrusion on your church.331 If that intrusion has been made with a View to disposses you & the Church wardens of your right to the Church I should advise & assist you in defending your right But as it seems to be only a Violent enforcing a request of being permitted to use the Church, at such times when it shall not be wanted for the service of the Church of England, & untill they can build a Meeting house for them selves I must recommend to you & the Church wardens to grant such requests, they disclaiming all right to the Church & disavowing the force that has been used by them.332 Such accommodations are Very common in many parts of Europe between communions of different religious persuasions, And I hope the Church of England will not be out done by any Church whatsoever in Christian Moderation towards it’s dissenting Brethern.

    It may be proper to have an acknowledgemt. in writing that they claim no right to the Church, to prevent any unfair conclusions being hereafter drawn from the use of it,

    I am Sr your humble servant

    The Revd. Mr. Bass333

    L, LbC BP, 2: 123.