107 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston Ap. 29. 1762


    In pursuance of your Letter of the 15th of April461 I have laid an Embargo on provisions, & have for the present refused permits for sending them to our own Colonies.462 Nevertheless some Difficulties are like to arise in regard to which I should be glad to know your Sentiments as soon as may be on these Articles

    1 Halifax Newfoundland & Quebec depend a good deal upon us for some sorts of provisions: shall We stop them going there?

    2 We, in time of plenty, depend upon Pensylvania for flour, upon Connecticut for Pork &c. In this present time of Scarcity, It is apprehended that this province, which has suffered prodigiously by the last unfruitful Summer, will be greatly distrest, if the transporting provisions from Pensylvania Connecticut &c to this province may not ^should be^ be stopt. I am therefore desired by the Council to interpose a request, that you would signify your approbation (to the sevral Governors) of coasting provisions between Philadelphia & this province, as We are willing that the same liberty shall extend to the Colonies Northward of us.

    3 Is it your Desire that Fish shall be included? For tho’ We have this day refused a permit for fish, yet I think it will be impossible to persevere in it, without occasioning great discontent & probably much inconvenience in the West India Islands.

    I will endeavour to keep things quiet under the present restrictions untill I hear from you. I have carefully avoided intimating a great want of provisions for the Kings use, as Mr Hancock apprehended it would contribute to raise the price, which allready begins to rise a pace. But I apprehend that no considerations of price should hinder the Neighbouring Colonies from being permitted to supply one another: as such a restriction would probably tend to encrease the rise of the prices

    I yesterday reviewed at the Castle 1000 good men & gave particular orders that the Surgeons should examine them carefully as to bodily infirmities. I gave orders that 738 private men besides commissioned cfficers should be ready to embark on Saturday next, when I expect to have transports ready for 500 of them. This Number (738) will, according to my calculation, compleat the Regiment at Halifax to 1000 men besides Commissioned Officers, which was the Number of the Regiment last year at Halifax. The rest of the Men at the Castle I shall join to the second Regiment which will be put in motion next Week; as the third Regiment, whose inlistments are now compleat, shall be the week after.

    I must suspend writing on the subject of the regular inlistment till I have made a further progress in the establishment for that purpose; only assuring that nothing shall be left undone. I heartily congratulate you on Genl Monckton’s Success & am, with great regards, Sr

    Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    His Excellency Sr Jeffry Amherst

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, ff 126-127.