96 | From Jeffery Amherst

    New York, 28th. March 1762.__


    I am to own the favor of Your Letter of the 20th. Instant,431 and I flatter myself that Your Assembly, on their next meeting will fully Comply with the King’s Requisitions, which I shall be Extremely glad to Learn.__

    I Cannot see any Reason for altering the Words in my proposal for the time the men to be Raised by the Regular Corps are to Serve; Since, they will, of Course, be Discharged at the End of the War, or when the Regts. Return to Europe: This, in my opinion, can admit of no Quibble, and as the Demand has been worded in the same manner to the Other Provinces, I can’t agree to any alterations to that of the massachusetts bay.

    I Can say Nothing of the Destination of Your Provincials untill I receive the King’s Orders, which I am in hourly Expectation of, and then You shall be acquainted with the Number that are for Halifax: In the mean time the Levies cannot go on too fast; and I would not have them fix their minds on any particular Destination, if they propose that the King should reap any Advantage from their Services.__

    You may be Assured that I shall take Care to order the men to be supplied with spruce Beer, as usual, as well as to take Every method in my power to prevent their getting any Rum, being thoroughly Satisfied of the great advantage the former is to the mens healths, & the pernicious Effects of the Latter.__

    I am, with great Regard, Sir, Your most Obedient Humble Servant.

    Jeff: Amherst.

    His Excellency Governor Bernard.__

    LS, RC BP, 9: 263-266.