104 | To John Pownall

    Boston April 25th. 1762

    Dr. Sr.

    Yesterday ended the last session of the Assembly which lasted but 10 days, in which time the Kings business was done in the most chearfull & ample manner & every thing was transacted in the best good humour between me & the Assembly: as will appear in some degree from the inclosed speeches. But in regard to one business which I was neither advised with nor Concerned in, it was carried on with greater heat & impetuosity than I should have chose, if it had been in my power to have interfered to any good purpose: I mean the dismission of Mr. Bollan from the Agency. This was passed last Monday Evening450 in a thin house where the Majority of 42 was near two thirds of the house. This was conducted with such secrecy that it was wholly unexpected: and the next day contrary to Expectation, it was concurred by the Council by a Majority of one only of 21. As it was sent up to me I could not with common prudence refuse my consent to it; especially as I had for very good reasons profest a neutrality in regard to this Question, which but a little while before my coming into the Governmt. had twice divided a full house into almost equal parties.451 I went as far as I could; and having, without entring into the merits of the question, expressed my dissatisfaction at the hasty & indeliberate Manner in which this business was determined, I endeavoured by all means, except interposing my Authority & thereby making my self a party, to prevail that the election of a New Agent might be postponed till the meeting of the New Assembly. But it was impossible to stop the impetuosity of the movers of this business: nor would it have been of any service to Mr. Bollan if I had succeeded in the last mentioned proposal. I give you these particulars in as full a manner as my time will permit, that if it should be insinuated that I have assisted in this dismission, you may contradict it & may, as far as my word will go, Assure Mr. Bollan & his friends (if there should be occasion) that I have acted with all possible Candour in regard to him; & if I had attempted to do more, I should only have embarrast myself without doing Mr. Bollan any Service. I have allways given him the credit of my good opinion of his Abilities & integrity & further I could not go.

    I confine this business to a separate letter,452 that if you should have occasion to communicate it, you may do it with more Ease.

    I am Sr &c

    To John Pownall Esqr

    L, LbC BP, 2: 183-184.