86 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square 14th. January 1762__

    Dear Sir

    I was in hopes by this Packet to have given you an account that the affair between you and Mr Pemberton, had been settled in the manner desired; and I know that Lord Egremont both from his willingness to oblige, and his long uninterrupted friendship for me, was very much disposed to do it. I now find he has scruples which cannot be removed; they regard two points: One is the making a joint Grant; The other, your Son’s being under age. He has promised me, that when time has remov’d the last objection, he will, in case he then holds the Seals, give the Employment to your Son, the moment it becomes vacant, either by death, resignation or otherwise. I am sorry the thing has not Succeeded, but I cannot think Lord Egremont in the wrong, tho’ perhaps there may be precedents the other way. His Lordship has promised to write me a Letter on this Subject, which may be of use hereafter with his Successor in case he should not hold the Seals three years hence. In a former Letter,387 I acquainted you with the removal of Mr Barones, but I think I did not add that he was removed entirely in consequence of representations from the Boards of Trade & Customs. I never said one word upon the Subject, which I thought would be unfair on account of my relation to you.

    I am to return you a thousand thanks for the Fish you so obligingly sent me, and to Mrs Bernard for the instructions I have received from her, as to the manner of dressing it: I beg you will present my best compliments to her. I intended to have wrote an answer to her most obliging Letter,388 but as I write to you, it would be an unnecessary trouble to her.

    I hope in the course of this Summer, I shall be able to prevail on your Son to come sometimes to Beckett.389 My Brother Shute has had the good fortune to get a Cannoncy of Christ Church, which I hope will not be a disadvantage to Our Cousin. All your friends are well & present their comps. to you & Mrs Bernard. I am with the greatest truth & regard.

    Dear Sir Your Excellencys Most faithful humble Servant


    His Excellency Governor Bernard

    ALS, RC BP, 9: 245-248.