105 | To John Pownall

    Boston April 25th 1762

    Dr. Sr.

    I proceed in my narrative of Mr. Bollans dismission. As soon as the vote had passed the Council & I found they were determined to proceed immediately to an Election, I set about endeavouring to get Mr. Jackson appointed Agent. Mr. Mauduit453 had been prejudged to the Office, & the prepossessions in his favor were strengthened by an Intrest which you know had introduced him as a Candidate for this Office some years ago. Nevertheless I had such promises of success in the favor of Mr. Jackson that I had great expectations of his carrying it. But on the morning of the Election The Lt. Governor being set up by the whole strength of his friends, the other side were so alarmed that they determined to reduce the Candidates to two. & there being no time to over come the prejudices in favor of the one & to explain the superior qualities of the other, who was a stranger to the generality of the Court & only known to some of the leading members who remembered & gave testimony of the strong recommendations which Govr. Pownall had made of him: the friends of Mr. Jackson having in vain endeavoured to bring Mr. Mauduits friends over to them were obliged to join to secure Mr. Mauduits election454 & he was accordingly elected by a considerable Majority.

    Nevertheless, as Mr. Jacksons Character in the course of this short Canvas, which lasted but 3 days, had appeared in the most respectable light: immediately after the Election, a bill was brought in & passed to substitute Mr. Jackson in the receipt of the public Money in case of the death or other incapacity of Mr. Mauduits455 And The Committee appointed to prepare the letters on this occasion have in that to Mr. Mauduit directed that in all matters of Law concerning the province He shall advise with Mr. Jackson.456 I also expect that Mr. Mauduits friends will recommend to him to consult Mr. Jackson & make use of his Assistance in all matters of Importance. This Distinction of Mr. Jackson is professedly meant to introduce Mr. Jackson into the Office when Mr. Mauduit shall decline it, which It is expected his Age &c will make it agreeable to him to do at some time or other. I have therefore wrote to Mr. Jackson to desire he will accept of this Appointment as it now stands, & hope you will use your influence to engage him so to do. I shall write more fully on this subject by the next ship;457 & shall point out some business which I shall depend upon him to Assist; & shall have the same signified to Mr. Mauduit.

    All the disputes concerning the Admiralty & Custom house are ended & in evry instance are determined on the Side of the Kings Authority. The last & finishing stroke was my negativing a Bill for the substituting another kind of writ in lieu of the writ of assistance granted by the Act of the 7 & 8 of Will 3. This I did in So conclusive a Manner that, tho’ it was much grumbled at, it could not be impeached458 Of this I shall give a particular Account when I come to report the proceedings of the two last Sessions which I shall do as soon as I can get the necessary papers.459 I hope to get out of debt to your board before the next Assembly meets: but I have Such a deal of Military business in my hands that I cant promise it. Things at present wear a Very good face: I fight hard for my own independency & am obliged to preach up that of the Assembly. I am assured that evry thing shall be settled to my own Mind: but till the passions of contending parties are more quieted than they are at present, I must expect my share of trouble. I am

    J. Pownall Esqr

    L, LbC BP, 2: 184-186.