146 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston Aug 18. 1762.


    I have just received yours of the 12th inst. I sent ^Captn Hallowell with^ the King George to Halifax on thursday the 5th inst by way of short cruise.573 His Instructions were to land the 18 regular recruits, to wait on the Governor & Lord Colville, & to return immediately. But I privately directed him to consult with Lord Colville, as far as the latter would give him opportunity, about the expedition to dislodge the French; & to let him know that I should readily order the King George to join in such expedition if She should be wanted. As We know that Lord Colville, was advised of the state of the french fleet & of the Antelope & Sirene being at Placentia, ^probably,^ before Capt Hallowell got to Halifax; I make no doubt but Lord Colville has detained him: especially as the Captn proposed to be at home by Saturday last: and the Wind has been ^good^ enough.

    Last Sunday The Province Sloop with 8 carriage guns 12 swivells & 50 men sailed to the Gut of Canseau to protect the fishery there, from the small armed Vessels which the french may have sent into those seas: tho’ I doubt whether there is a true cause for the alarm; as I can learn nothing more than that a fishing Vessels574 was fired at in those Seas. Nevertheless, as this Armament has been with very little expence, I shall not repent my caution, whether there was occasion for it or no; especially as it has greatly eased the Minds of those concerned in that fishery.575

    If, notwithstanding my conjectures, the King George should come into this port, I shall order her to join Lord Colville. I dont apprehend the least danger to the transports, no Enemy’s Vessel having as yet appeared between this port & Halifax.

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard.

    His Excellency Sr Jeffry Amherst.

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, f 195.