19 | To The Earl Of Halifax

    Boston Nov. 17. 1760

    My Lord

    I have just heard from undoubted Authority that Govr Wentworth121 is ^most^ dangerously ill; & thought it my duty to send your Lordship the earliest notice of it, that if his death should happen, you may not be surprised. I send this to NYork to be ready for the packet which is Very Sudden & uncertain in its Motions Movements.122

    As I have no particular Occasion to call the Assembly sooner I have prorogued it to Dec 17123 a time that will be more convenient & agreable to the Country than an earlier day would have been. No public business of consequence has been moved of late, except I may reckon the filling up the place of Chief Justice: This office became Vacant on the 10th of Septr & last thursday I appointed the Lieut Govr to it.124

    I propose to explain my motives, to your Lordship for this proceding;125 but must wait for another opportunity, as this letter must soon go to the Post office.

    I am

    Lord Halifax

    AL, LbC BP, 1: 283.