219 | To John Pownall

    Boston June 6th. 1763

    Dr Sr,

    I hereby enclose an address of the General Court, which as it contains the fullest expressions of their sense of his Majesty’s paternal care of this Country, you will be pleased to communicate to their Lordships. I have inclosed herewith my speech to wch. the Address occasionally refers. I should have desired their Lordships to have laid before his Majesty this testimonial of the Duty & Gratitude of this Loyal Province, If the General Court had not intended to have addressed his Majesty upon this occasion: But this was resolved upon last Saturday822 & a Committee of both houses was appointed Accordingly.

    I have the pleasure to inform you that there never was, in the opinion of those who know the Country, an assembly better Composed than the present; and I doubt not but they will effectually eradicate that petulancy of humours which has prevailed here more or less, ever since the General Attack of the Customhouse, soon after I arrived here; & which, altho’ it has not obstructed the carrying into effect all necessary public measures, yet it has given a good deal of trouble to those concerned in them. But the present Assembly has shown such a resentment against those who have been concerned in disturbing the internal peace of this Government, that I believe it will be as firmly Established here, as in the universality of the Christian World

    I intended this Packet for a ship that was to sail from hence; but I find so much incertainty in regard to the time of her departure, that I have resolved to send these by NYork for the Packet boat; & as this is a sudden resolution, I am obliged to conclude hastily by assuring you that I am Sr.

    your Most affect. &c

    J. Pownall Esqr.

    L, LbC BP, 3: 77-78.