103 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston Ap. 17. 1762


    I have thought proper to send an express to advise you that the Assembly has complied with evry thing that I had to ask of them. They have voted to compleat their Forces to 3220 men: this is precisely their proportion in regard to the Numbers voted by Connecticut & exceeds that of Any other province. And as this province has a right to reckon into their Number the 150 men on board his Majesty’s Ship the King George, they exceed by that number Connecticut. The additional Number of 220 men are all privates which may be equally divided among all the Regiments or unequally, as there shall be occasion. There is a Regiment now forming at the Castle which will be ready to march by the middle of next week: out of which it is proposed to draw what Men shall be wanted for Halifax. The other Regiment is ready to rendezvous at the Westward whenever they shall be order’d. As We depend upon reenlisting the 600 men now in the service, I have but 620 more men to raise; & I beleive they are all ready.448

    As for the requisition for recruiting the regulars, The Assembly has exactly complied with your Terms: they have granted a bounty of £7 (5 guineas) for raising 893 men. And now It will rest on the execution, which will not be without it’s difficulties. I will immediately consider of a set of a proper officers for this business. I suppose I may make use of provincial officers in the present Service: for without that liberty, I shant be able to provide for this service effectually. I suppose it will be agreable to you to take such as shall be willing to inlist into the regular service out of the provincial ranks, having assurance of supplying such Vacancies by fresh recruits. I apprehend this method will considerably assist the regular recruiting. I am also desirous of not paying the bounty untill they are approved by the regular officer: and therefore it may be proper to make the Castle the general rendezvous where they are to receive the bounty. I own I am apprehensive that this will lay the recruiting in the Country under some difficulties, as they may expect to touch the Money before they march from home: but this may be obviated by allowing the recruiting officers to advance a small part of the bounty. And the inconvenience that remains will be fully recompensed by the saving the loss of whole bounties. I should also for the same purpose of preventing desertion think that it would be better that the recruits should be taken from the Castle in transports than marched cross the Country

    I write in great hurry & with continued interruption: the Vote is not yet come up to me, being detained on account of some literal amendments. But as the Substance has passed both Houses, It may be depended upon.449

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard.

    His Excellency Sr Jeffry Amherst.

    AL, RC WO 34/26, ff 123-124.

    Amherst was agreeable to all of FB’s proposals concerning recruitment to the regular regiments. The general requested that 732 provincials, the same quota as in 1761, be assembled at the Castle barracks for embarkation to Halifax in transports to be organised by Thomas Hancock. The rest of the provincials were to proceed to Albany as quickly as possible. Lt. or Capt. Lt. Elliot(t), (possibly John Elliot of the 42nd Regiment of Foot) was to muster the new recruits, issue crown supplies, and pay the bounty. Amherst to FB, New York, 18 Apr. 1762, BP, 9: 269-272; Amherst to FB, New York, 21 Apr. 1762, BP, 9: 273-276.