55 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston 11 July 1761—


    Mr: Bollan, the Province’s Agent in England has wrote to the General Court274 that he is of opinion, the Lords of the Treasury in their next Apportionment of the monies granted to the Colonies will govern themselves wholly by the number of Troops raised by each Colony and their time of Service taking the General’s Certificate or account of that matter as the proper conclusive evidence without entring into any other points or proofs: and he earnestly recommends a proper application to General Amherst to certify the number and time of Service of the Province Forces which kept Garrison at Louisbourgh & Nova Scotia in the Year 1760, as well as of the other Forces of the Province. And a Committee of the two Houses have been with me to desire me to write to You and to ask such a Certificate from You; and for the greater security I would pray the favour of You to send duplicates at least of the same.

    If any consideration has been had of the Expence this Province was at for the Men detained in Nova Scotia & Louisbourgh, it is certain, it was to the 1 of January 1760 only, and the Service of the last Year it is expected will be computed from that time.

    I have sent this Express principally to desire such certificate from You, and have given him orders to wait until he shall receive your Answer.

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient humble Servant.275

    Fra Bernard

    His Excellency General Amherst

    LS, RC WO 34/26, f 102.

    Bollan’s letters were “communicated” to the House by the Speaker on 28 May, and a committee reported on the letters on 13 Jun. As a result, the province secretary was directed to collect and forward a number of papers to Bollan in support of the province’s claim for reimbursement. (The assembly ordered Bollan to apply the parliamentary subsidy of 1759 to the payment of bills of exchange totaling £60,000 sterling.) Also, on 11 Jul. the House requested that FB obtain the service-record certificates from Amherst. JHRM, 38 pt.1: 9, 55, 108. Acts and Resolves, 17: 46-47. Amherst refused to furnish the certificates in the absence of Treasury instructions, protesting that it would impose an unnecessary burden on his staff, but he relented after FB made a second request. Amherst to FB, Albany, 16 Jul. 1761, WO 34/27, p. 222, and 2 Oct., WO 34/26, f 109. The certificate for 1759-60 was enclosed in Amherst to FB, New York, 6 Dec. 1761, for which see WO 34/27, pp. 234-235. Hereafter, Amherst received directions from the Treasury (No. 170).