23 | To John Pownall

    Boston Jan 13. 1761

    Dr. Sr.

    Having just finished a letter to you on public business, I set about another on subjects relating to myself.

    Soon after I got here I recd. a letter from you inclosing a letter to Lord Chamberlain for me to sign:136 I accordingly returned it signed & inclosed it in a packet directed to your Office & sent it by the brig Bristol Packet which sailed from hence for Bristol at the end of August last & of whose safe arrival we have now advice. Comparing the time of this with the late great Event, I am sensible that if you waited for the return of this letter you could not have settled the business at the Jewell Office & Wardrobe before the death of the King. if this Event should lay any difficulties in compleating this, I shall be sorry that this business could not be done in the first instance; as this repetition of fees will require every article of advantage to be preserved. But I cant suppose any difficulties will be created by this delay. In a former letter wrote from Amboy,137 I desired to have my Plate in particular pieces & to have a suit of Velvet from the Wardrobe; but since I have been acquainted with Mr Boones composition, I find it more adviseable to get £130 for both, especially at this time, when by these fresh expences I am more in want of money than fine things

    By the same ship that brought the orders I recd. a letter from Mr. Bollan138 informing me that he had recd. full & proper Assurances that my Commission would be renewed, & that not knowing who my agent was he had engaged for the expence thereof. I therefore suppose he has proceeded in solisciting this business & have therefore wrote to him & referred him to Levet Blackborne for Money, who is better prepared for this time than he was the last, having lately Vested some money in the funds on my account, from which he can draw out what will be wanted. I desired Mr. Bollan to advise with you concerning what remained undone upon my last Commission, & take off your hands, which I suppose will be fully Employed for some time, any trouble that you should choose to transfer to him. I also acquainted him with the late Composition, which Mr. Boones friends made for him of £130 for Plate & furniture & desired him to make the same for me adding that if the same was made on my former Commission, both together would go a great way to pay the Charge of this, I concluded, that if any difficulties should attend this Composition, you would easily engage Lord Barrington to intervene in my favor as there was so fresh a precedent for my request. As to the Kings picture due upon my former commission, I dont intend to relinquish it, as, tho it is too large for a private house, it makes a very acceptable present for a public room. I had rather exchange it for another picture of the present King: but if any difficulty attends it I will waive them both & content myself with one picture only for both Commissions.

    And now give me leave to state to you how particularly hard my case has been Circumstanced in regard to fees. I have now by me a list of the fees of my first Commission amounting to £400 within a trifle. This will have been paid by me three times within 3 years within which time all the income of my Governmts. will have been from New Jersey 2 years at £800 a year from this the Current Year at about £1100. I beg you would take this into your Consideration & advise me whether upon account of the particular circumstances of the Case, (which perhaps never happened before) I could not by application, to the Lords of the treasurey, or whom else obtain a grant of some sum, by way of Alleviation, I intend to write to Lord Barrington on this subject but cannot do it by this ship: I could wish you would find an oppertunity to mention this to him; and if it should be thought proper to make an Application, I must desire you would engage Lord Halifax’s favor therein. I have mentioned this in my letter to Mr. Bollan but am desirous not to trouble him in this business, if you can undertake it yourself; but if you should Chuse to have him for an Assistant, you will engage him accordingly.

    As I have many things to write to you, I shall keep the different Subjects confined to different letters & must here end this.

    I am Sr. Your most &c &c

    Secrety Pownall

    A P.S139 containing thanks to Lord H, Ld Chamberlains letter

    Fire at Faneuill hall.140

    To the duplicate a P.S. informing that I had wrote to Ld B & proposed making use of My Services at Easton in solicitation141

    L, LbC BP, 1: 289-291.