5 | To the Earl of Halifax

    Perth Amboy Feb 16. 1760

    My Lord

    I had the honour of receiving your Lordships letter of the 13 of Novr. yesterday69 & beg leave to return your Lordship my most humble thanks for the favor you have shown me in recommending me to his Majesty for the Government of Massachusets bay. I am Very unacquainted with the Circumstances of that Government, but have the Pleasure of being Assured, that the Goverment is put into very good order by Mr. Pownall, & that I shall have nothing to do but to keep it so; in which, as I dont apprehend that I shall be charged with any matter that will be subject to Contest, I promise myself success I shall give up to Mr. Boone a People as well disposed to Government as any in America, There is at present an harmony betwixt between the Several branches of the legislature that never was known before; & I have recd. so many Expressions of the peoples approbation of my Conduct & their intention of doing every thing in their power to make this Government Easy & agreeable to me, that I shall leave this place with regret, Tho’ advanced & honoured according to my desire & beyond my Merits. And it is posible, that, after some years service at Boston, If I shall be intitled to ask further favors of your Lordship, I shall request to retire to Amboy.

    I Congratulate your Lordship upon the Events of this Glorious Year, which is scarce equalled by any one in the Annals of the English history. As we have as yet no orders for preparing for the next Campaign, We apprehend that the business will be done without one, or at least without drawing out the provincial troops; which will be agreeable to the provinces; for I reckon that the raising & marching our Regiment to the Rendezvous at Albany (tho’ they stir not a step further) will Cost 20,000 pounds.70 I shall hold myself in readiness to Execute the orders I Shall receive for the next Campaign with all Possible Expedition as they will come,71 if at all before Mr. Boone can arrive here, to whom I shall write immediately.72 I have wrote to Mr. Pownall proposing a place for our meeting, in case he should not as I think it is Possible he may, take New York in his way to England.73

    I have the honour to be with great gratitude & respect My Lord your Lordships most obedient & most humble servant

    F. B.

    Lord Halifax74

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