178 | To The Earl Of Egremont

    Boston Dec: 1 1762.

    My Lord

    By a letter dated the fourth of March last,663 I intreated your Lordship’s favor to recommend me to his Majesty for a confirmation of a Grant of the Island of Mount desart made to me by the General Court of the Province of Massachuset’s bay, in consideration of extraordinary Services & also extraordinary expences.

    I have since been informed that upon a reference to the board of Trade there is like to be a difficulty concerning the confirmation of this Grant, upon an objection newly started concerning the validity of King William’s Grant to the Province of the lands between Penobscot & St Croix of which this Island must be allowed to be part.

    This is a very interesting Question to the Province & will be supported on their behalf with great earnestness, both as it is a part of their Charter, & as they can show special & very honorable Considerations for these lands being included by King William in the united Province of Massachusets. In such a dispute I shall be very desirous to avoid being a party myself, otherwise than as an intercessor: in my present situation it would ill become me to dispute the rights of the Crown, & it will be no less improper for me to undertake the defence of those of the Province. All that I have now to desire is to get out of the dispute without the loss of the compensation designed for me if it may be so.

    For this purpose I have prepared a Memorial to be laid before the Lords of Trade, (to whom, I am told, my subject in the Course of business will be referred) praying that, in Consideration of my Case, therein more fully stated, If their Lordships should, upon account of any doubt concerning the Province’s title, not think it proper at present to advise the confirmation of this grant as a provincial act, they would recommend me to his Majesty’s favor, for a grant of this Island, in such a manner as may neither confirm nor impeach the title of the Province. In this Case I must beg leave to alter the terms of my petition to your Lordship & instead of only praying his Majesty’s approbation of the Provincial Grant, intreat your Lordship’s favor to recommend me for his Majesty’s Grant & confirmation of the Island to me in such a manner & form as shall be most advisable.

    If I thought myself at liberty to lay before your Lordship the particulars of My Services in North America & the unexpected & unavoidable expences & draw backs which I have been subject to, I am satisfied that your Lordship’s Generosity & Justice would interest you in confirming to me the compensation now proposed to my utmost hopes. I have the honor to be with &c Your L &c

    The Right honble The Earl of Egremont.

    L, LbC BP, 2: 228-230.