158 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston Sep. 16. 1762


    Yesterday The Assembly past a Vote to enlist the Number of Men you have desired to serve thro’ the Winter, allowing them a bounty of four pounds which is sufficient.611 I shall immediately sent orders both to Crown Point & Halifax for reenlisting these Men, which I hope will meet with no difficulty.

    As to the sending home the Cartel Ship with the Soldiers, It is well known to you how ready I allways am to undertake any trouble for the furtherance of the Kings Service, without considering whether it belongs to me or not. But when such business is attended with difficulties unsurmountable by me alone & I am refused assistance by those to whom only I know to apply; I must decline giving myself trouble that is not like to produce any effect.

    The Difficulties which attend this business are these. The French Captain having landed his prisoners here refuses to take any of them on board again & absolutely refuses to go to England unless in custody & under command.__ If He was willing to go, his Vessel is not fit for such a Voyage, neither has he sailors on board capable of undertaking it.__ His Ignorance & Obstinacy is such that He will not put his Ship in order for such Voyage, altho’ two Masters of Ships who have surveyed her, have reported that it would take up four riggers the best part of a Week to fit her for Sea.__ If the French Captain would take the command of her to England he must have an addition of more & abler Seamen; and as you object to french Sailors being put on board they must be English.__ If the French Captain persists in refusing to take the command of her to England, there must be an English master provided & an entire English Crew.__ Either of these methods will require expence: but Mr Hancock refuses to disburse any thing upon this account; I have no one else to apply to, & I dont think it proper, after he has declined it, to advance money myself.

    Finding it impracticable for me to dispatch this Vessel to England, I proposed to Mr Hancock to send the Vessel to NYork with the Soldiers on board, to be immediately under your command: but this also he declines. I must therefore beg to be excused proceding any further in this business. I propose to give the french Captain a receipt for such prisoners as have landed here except the Soldiers, in regard to whom I shall refer him to you & your orders: and I shall desire Capt Elliot to take charge of the Vessel ’till your Orders arrive;612 in the execution of which I shall interpose my Authority if it shall be wanted.

    As to the Acadians I am quite at a loss what to propose. I have therefore laid before the Assembly a full state of the Case, & having urged such reasons as have occurred to me for their providing a temporary settlement for them, I have left to them to devise the means & manner.613

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient & humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    His Excellency Sr Jeffry Amherst.

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, ff 215-216.