61 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Castle William Aug 9 1761


    Some time ago the Chesterfield Man of War Cap Scaife306 came in here & brought with him an Ordinance Store-Ship, which was order’d to stay here till She could get a Convoy to New York. Capt Scaife left with me a Copy of an order from Admiralty for Any Man of War that should come in here to convoy that Ship: And I undertook that if the King George, who is now out on a cruise, should come in I would employ her for that purpose.307 But neither of these contingencies having happened, the Store ship is still here: and I yesterday received a Letter from Lord Colville expressing his inability to send a Ship for this business & his Concern least these stores should be Wanted by you. I therefore write this, that if you would have this Ship proceed without Convoy, you may give orders for it. We have no advice of french privateers being near this Coast. And to the Southward It is pretty well guarded; the Penzance of 44 guns, the Greyhound of 20 & the King George of 20 being now cruising between Rhode Island & Virginia.

    To morrow We are to have the last Muster of Col Thwings Regiment which is more than full. I expect there will be 1000 privates besides Officers; altho’ I have transferred one officer with 40 men to the other Regiments. I could not well remove Any More: so must desire to have credit for the supernumeraries of this in the musters of the other Regiments, which I expect are or soon will be completed.

    I congratulate you on the Surrender of the Citadell of Bellisle, the Capitulation of which I received from a Master of a Brig that arrived here yesterday from Bristol in 7 weeks. I read the paper in such hurry & parted with it so soon that I have forgot the date of the Capitulation.308

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient most humble Servant

    Fra, Bernard.

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, f 104.