9 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston Augst. 7th 1760

    My Lord

    I was preparing to inform Your Lordship of Our Safe arrival at This Town when I recd your Lordship[’s] favor of the 3rd of June which was brought by the Leicester Packet which arrived here this Morning,85 As the Packet was drove in here by southerly winds, I ordered Genl. Amherst’s dispatches to be sent from hence to albany under the Care of a Lieut of Highlanders & an Express rider by which means he will receive them a week sooner than he would by way of New York.

    We made our Entry here last Saturday86 in a very Magnificient Manner. It seems there had been no Instance of a Govr entring by land since Govr. Burnetts87 time so the Ceremonial was in a Manner new. For this I shall refer your Lordship to the new[s]88 of the day, which I shall add to the triffles which your Lordships kindness for us has encouraged me from time to time to trouble you with. I have the Pleasure to inform your Lordship that I have a very fair Prospect of an easy Administration from the Assurances of All persons concerned in it that I have yet seen; as also from the favourable impressions, which I am told have been recd of me as well from London as from New Jersey.

    I am very Glad that the money is laid out with Mrs. Porters approbation & for her Advantage. whatever your Lordship shall do therein will certainly have our approbation. Perhaps when the war is over if stock should Rise, & private intrest (as it Generally is) be higher than public, It may be more for her Advantage to Vest the Money upon land Security

    We are Extreamly Glad that Genl. Barrington is in the Way of Recovery from all his shocks; we are much obliged to our friends for their kind remembrance of us & beg your Lordship will again present our Compliments

    Your Lordship may imagine that I receive great Pleasure from your Accounts of my son; and I must do him Justice to say that it agrees with Accounts I receive from every one Else, I am very much obliged to your Lordship for your kind intention toward him: but I have not as yet formed nor do I intend ^for some time^ to form any resolution Concerning his profession. I intend at present to indulge his uncommon tast for literature; & for that purpose would have him to pursue his studies at Oxford for 3 or 4 Years. At Next Westminster Election (which is the Monday before Ascension day)89 I hope to have him elected to Christ Church to secure this point with the dean of Ch. Ch.90 I fear I must trouble your Lordship to add a little weight: a word from the duke of New-Castle (who I understand to be the Deans’ patron) will make all safe. Mr. Stone91 will I doubt not, save your Lordship any trouble you please in this business.

    As this extention of his Education will superannuate him for the Army, I shan[t]92 be able to avail my self of your Lordships kind offer on that Account. But If the Placeing him out depended on me alone, I should not doubt to express my desire to see him (when his Education is Compleated) in some public office, if Possible, under your Lordship Eye

    Mrs. Bernard begs leave to join with me in our best respects to your Lordships

    I am my Lord Your Lordships most obedit. & most humble servant93

    Lord Barrington

    L, LbC BP, 1: 272-274.