25 | To [John Pownall]

    Boston Jan. 19. 1761

    Dr. Sr.

    I steal a minute in sealing up my letters to let you know, I shall have a Voluminous business to write to you upon as soon as I can find time. Mr. Barrons148 has plaid the Devil in this town, He has put himself at the head of a combination of Merchants all raised by him with the Assistance of two or three others to demolish the Court of Admiralty & the other Customhouse officers, especially one who has been active in making Seizures.149 I was not all naturally concerned in this business; but because I endeavoured to prevent Mr. Barrons raising this flame & afterwards expressed my Disapprobation of his proceedings, he & his emissaries have turned the fury of his party against me. They are now endeavouring to make a Breach between the Assembly & me, by setting them to demand of me to Assent to very unwarrantable proceedings. But I shall adhere to my duty & act steadily. I will acquaint L. H.150 either to him or you or both with a state of this Afair before it comes to the public offices in form.151 I hear the Surveyor152 will send Mr. Barrons over to Answer for himself but am not certain of such his intention. there never existed such mischeivous folly in all my acquaintance of mankind as in this Gentleman. Yrs.

    L, LbC BP, 1: 296.