90 | To The Earl Of Egremont

    Boston NE, March 4th. 1762

    My Lord

    I beg Leave to Submit to your Lordships Consideration a grant made to me by the assembly of this province of the Island of Mount desert, which Lying within the Territry of Sagadehock according to the Charter requires His Majestys approbation before it has its full force, Mr. Bollan the Province Agent will attend your Lordship with Documents necessary to explain the right of the Province to make this grant in the manner they have done: but perhaps a Copy of the Charter & a Map showing the Situation of this Island may be sufficient

    Altho the Assembly is pleased in their resolve to mention My Extraordi[n]ary Services, as the Consideration, of their making this grant, yet I believe they had also in mind the extraordinary expences I have been at in entring upon this Government having been obliged to sue out two Commissions within one year; for which this Island in its present state is little more than an Equivalent.

    The Country adjacent as well as this Island is at present a Desart; but if Canada should be annexed to the Brittish Empire This Country will soon wear a New face; as the obstacles to the settling it will be then removed, which hitherto have prevented this province from doing anything more than erecting forts & thereby maintaining such settlements as can be secured within their Range. But as this Mode of settling will never produce an extensive population, their dependance now is upon the removal of the french Enemy which must be immediately followed by the reconciliation of the Indians: This has indeed already taken place by means of our truckhouse at Fort Pownall on the River Penobscot; but will not be durable if the french power should be again restored.

    As this is the first fruits of homage to his Majesty from the Territory of Sagadahock, I humbly hope it will be favourably received.

    I am with great respect My Lord &c &c

    The Earl of Egremont

    L, LbC BP, 2: 34-35.