80 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston Nov 28 1761


    I am favoured with yours of the 16 inst,362 & have informed the Assembly of the intended reduction of their troops, which is Very agreable to them, as the Want of hands is evry where Very sensibly felt.363

    I am sorry that there has been Any cause for complaining of our Men at Halifax: I have taken pains to make them orderly & particularly gave strict orders against the scandalous practise of officers suttling to their Men. In this I was not supported by Col Forster; & therefore less wonder at other irregularities. But I don’t mention this by way of complaint as I suppose my orders were misrepresented or misunderstood.364

    In my former letter I informed you365 that last year the Camp of our forces broke up so irregularly occasioned by the diseases with which the Men were inflicted as well as by other Causes, that it would be Very hard to make the returns of the Muster master the rule for allowing the billeting money, since I suppose it does contain half the Number that returned at that time. I therefore proposed that the provincial muster rolls, by which the Province has Paid the billeting, & in which it is hoped No deserters have been made up, should be made the Rule of that settlement. I shall therefore send a Gentleman to NYork with these rolls & other proper Vouchers to settle all the accounts366 now outstanding.

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    His Excellency Sr Jeffry Amherst

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, f 113.