195 | To James Murray

    Boston. Ap: 7. 1763


    Last summer among the recruits which this Province raised for the Regulars there was a Mulatto, who was sent to Quebec. Before he left the Castle here, which was the head Quarters for recruiting, A Man of this Province claimed him as his Slave: but bringing no proof of his Title to him & the recruit appearing to have ^be^ more of the Indian than Mulatto in him ^negro^ cast, his claim was disallowed & the Recruit was forwarded with others to Quebec. Afterwards the Mans Title as his Slave being in some degree cleared up & the Officers concerned in the recruiting him being threatned with actions at law, I wrote to Genl Amherst724 to desire he might be returnd. In answer to this he wrote me word by a letter dated 29 Aug; that he would write to you to exchange the man for another, which I proposed to send to replace him.725 But before this could be put in execution The Communication by Sea between this Town & Quebec was stopt. In this interval the Claimer of the Slave has brought an action against the commanding officer at the Castle (who was no ways concerned in recruiting him) for detaining him there, & has got a Verdict against him.726 It is therefore become more necessary that this man should be returned. And as these kind of recruits are to be discharged upon the conclusion of peace, so that we have now, agreeably to the General, put a stop to this Service it will be to no purpose to send you another man in his Room, as was first proposed. The cheif concern will be to prevent this Man’s escaping, as he will certainly endeavour to avoid returning to his Master if he can. The Master of the Vessel that carries this will take the charge of him: but I am afraid it will necessary to give orders that he be kept in custody till the master is ready to take charge of him. ^for^ if [he] has any notice of the intention, he will probably get out of the way.

    About a year & a half ago Lt Peach came here from his surveying the River St Johns, & brought with him a letter of credit from you to me; upon which at his desire I gave him an order upon the Treasurer of the Province for 60 pounds Sterling, which he recieved. This still remains unpaid: the reason, why I have not troubled you with this before, was that I expected that an order for the repayment of this would come from New York: but I find myself referred to you for it.

    Sometime after this, a Tradesman of this Town, Mr Gay,727 had some Furrs, which he imported from Quebec, siezed for want of a certificate of their being im^ex^ported from thence. He applied to me to remitt the Governor’s share of the forfeiture being £9 3s. 3d. Sterling, alledging in his favor that there was at that time no regular office at Quebec for the issuing such certificates. I told him that I apprehended (& the Judge of the Admiralty had been of the same opinion) that the fact of forfeiture being at Quebec, the Governors share would belong to you & not to me: And therefore I could do him no other Service that to report to you his Plea who was the proper judge of it:728 I must add that it appeared that he had no interest to induce a fraudulent intention, as the acquiring a certificate would have cost nothing but the office fee. This money, to the amount above mentioned is in my hands & will not wait your order.

    With the Greet &c

    His Excell: G Murray.

    L, LbC BP, 2: 296-299.