30 | From Randle Wilbraham

    Dr Sr/

    You see I commence in a Style of ffreedom & not with, a May it please Yr Excellency__ however I heartily wish you Joy of Yr Removal to Boston__ & wish that you may have Health to enjoy Yr Promotion__ ^I hope it will be more agreable to you as Boston sounds like Lincolnshire.^ This is to be forwardd. to you by the hands of Mr Bollan I rejoice at his being replaced177 in his Nest178 & Agency for yt part of New Engld over wch you preside. I beleive him to be a very honest—very Able & very Diligent Man__ I hope you have Comfort in Yr Correspondence with him__.

    A Great Change in Governmt has lately happened by the Change of our Prince__ So far as we yet see of him his Heart seems to be incorrupt__ And ^he^ aims Well__ God grant he may use his own Judgmt__ Curse on him that perverts it to wrong Views & Designs__. What Alterations are to be made Heaven knows, I know not__ A new parliamt wch will be chose in Apl. will pduce something new__ God Grant it may be for the best__ Our war in Germany lyes heavy on us but I hope we may still Extricate our forces with Honor__

    Nothing has happened of late in our Sphere of ye Law very Extraordinary youl see by ye public papers that Ld Henley179 is made Ld Chanr your ffriend Mr Justice Noel180 I think declines much__ Serjt Hewett181 Stands Candidate for Coventry__ & is likely to Succeed__ Old Viner182 is to be deserted in Yr Co. & therefore he declines__ All the Lds ^have^ joyned agst him__. I beleive I shall come in again__ My son183 stands for Chester if Sr Rd Grosvenor184 is ennobled__ & I beleive will have no opposition__.

    To show that I have not quite forgot my old friend I have (tho: you are a prore185 & in New Engld) ventured to send you a bitt of Old English Old Cheese May it not fall into the hands of a french Privateer but may you datermine many a Meal with a Relish of it is the most Sincere Wish of

    Dr Sr Yrs most sincerely

    R Wilbraham

    Lincolns Inn Feb. 21 1761.

    My Complts. I send Yr Lady.

    ALS, RC BP, 9: 167-168.

    Wilbraham is briefing FB on the some of the candidates who were to contest the general election of Apr. 1761.