51 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Castle William June 14. 1761


    I have got upwards of 420 men embarked for Halifax & expect they will sail to morrow: I hope in a week or 10 days to send 300 more all of Thwings Regiment. The Enlistments in general go on Very poorly: the Assembly have made some alteration in paying the bounty from which they expect good effects. But I beleive the true Cause of the Want of Men, is the lateness of making the levies; by which means the people in general had engaged for the Summer, before It was known that Troops were to be raised.

    If the Service would have admitted of sending two Regiments to Nova Scotia, It would have been Very agreable to Col Hoar’s Regiment & would, I beleive greatly assisted the completion of it. For that Regiment (as well as Col Thwings) being raised in the Maritime Counties, they are Very desirous of going Eastward. On the other hand Col Saltonstall’s Regiment being raised in the inland parts are as earnest for going Westward. I intend, as soon as the Assembly rises, which may be a week hence, to order a Muster of Col Saltonstalls Regiment at Springfield, being desirous that the Gentlemen should return into the Country to assist the enlistments before a general Muster. About the same time I shall put the Regiment of Col Hoar into motion for the same rendezvous: unless you should direct the contrary. I am with great regards,

    Sr Your most obedient humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    His Excellency Major General Amherst.

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, f 99.