135 | To Sir George Pocock

    Boston July 16. 1762


    We have had for some days past Reports of an Enemys Fleet having attacked Newfoundland: and this day a Vessel arrived which brought certain account of such Attack and some information of the force of the Enemy This become very alarming to this Coast as there is not a Man of War North of Virginia except the Northumberland at Halifax & the Syren frigate which is supposed to have escaped from Newfoundland. It is said that there was a 20 gunship at St. Johns when it was invested, supposed to be the grammont. I have thought proper to send these Advices to you by a Vessel Express and have sent the same by land to Genl. Amherst at New York542

    I am with great Regard &c &c

    His Excy Sr. George Pococke543 KB or the Commander in chief of his Majestys fleet in the West Indies

    PS Since the above I wrote two other Vessels are come in the information of whose masters I herewith enclose.

    July 25 P.S. to the Duplicate of the former dated July 16. Since the Original of the forewritten was dispatched by the Schooner Good Intent Witty Master who saild from hence on Monday last,544 Divers Persons are come in from Newfoundland & which bring further advices Copies of the informations I have taken I have to add to the duplicates of what I formerly sent. It is now generally allowed that this fleet came directly from France; and It is hoped that the 4 Ships, which came into the Bay of Bulls are all of it: tho’ it is ^still^ Contended that there are more of them. This morning the Master of a Vessel just come in averred to me that North of Cape Bonavista He saw 5 or 6 large Vessels, some of which He could distinguish to be Ships &, seemingly large: and that No English Ships or Any Vessels of that Size had any business so far Northward,545

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