50 | From William Warburton

    Dear Sir

    I some time ago had the honour of a very obliging Letter from You,261 dated from your old Governmt: but understanding that your Excellency was about to remove to a new one I deferred my acknowledgments till I could get information of your address. which the favour of the two Sermons, you was so kind to send to me, has very opportunely afforded.

    I heartily rejoice with you in this instance of the true Christian moderation that seems now begining to prevail in your long-bigotted Province. a temper less inexcusable in that part of Puritanism: for when men were driven by persecution into a new World, it was no wonder they should arrive in an ill humour, and like a Comet set on fire by the bad neighbourhood of the Sun, should be some Centurys in cooling, tho’ removed to the greatest distance from it’s Hierarchical heat.

    I know of none properer than your Excellency to improve these good dispositions. The justice & gentleness of your Nature will best teach them that the bearing with religious contradiction is not only a politeness but a duty, and that liberty of Conscience is not only an indulgence but a right.

    I have the honour to be, your Excellency’s most Affectionate & faithfull humble Servt

    W. Gloucester262

    Prior Park [Bath], June 3d 1761

    ALS, RC BP, 9: 202-204.