226 | To Richard Jackson

    Castle William July 26th. 1763

    Dr. Sr.

    I have now before me of your letters 2 dated Ap. 25; 1 dated Ap 4. & 1 dated May 20th. the two last of which (that is that of April 4 as well as the last) I received only on Saturday last,841 In answering of them I shall bring the Several businesses into separate letters: this shall be reserved for the Agency only

    I think I am perfectly acquainted with your Sentiments on this Subject & shall guide my self by them. I should be very loth that the Province should lose your service at this Critical time; & therefore shall endeavor to make your appointment as suitable to your dignity & to your convenience as well may be, when your former letters came on the 10th of June, Some of Mr. Mauduit’s friends having received letters from him very favourable to you as they said, expresst their willingness that you should be appointed Council of the Province under the Great seal with an Annual salary. But it being at the end of the Session when the house was thin & I supposing, that they would expect at the same time something to be done for Israel Mauduit in the Substituting way, which I don’t intend to enter upon again, I declined the offer giving for reason my desire that what Compliment you were to receive should come from a full house.842 I believe they would be glad now to join you & Israel Mauduit in the Agency with a distinction of functions: but his connections with Mr. Otis would I believe make it difficult on his part.

    But this business is not like to come on the Carpet soon, for I do not intend to call the Assembly together till next winter unless some orders from home or something extraordinary here should happen require it: I am sensible of the criticalness of the time & the necessity there is of putting the Agency upon a proper plan: but at present am at a loss how to form it. I am persuaded that the best would be to send a proper person from hence to act under your directions: but I know not where to find one. The Lieut Govr. is by much the fittest Person in the Province for this purpose: but many difficulties would attend such a proposal both with regard to the person & the Measures. Mr. Bollan has sent in such an exorbitant bill of charges (encreased no doubt by his present disgust) that the Assembly will be frighted at the Mention of another Agent from hence. However I shall have time to think & advise about this.843 The worst is I shan’t be able to explain to them the Critical situation in which their Intrests will soon be. If I should find it expedient as a quieting measure to have you & him (Is. M) appointed joint agents, you expressly as Councillor & he as Sollicitor with instructions to him to direct himself by your advice could it be made agreeable to you? Observe that I don’t like this myself at present. I am &

    R Jackson Esqr844

    L, LbC BP, 3: 82-84.