74 | To Lord Barrington

    Castle William Sep 27. 1761

    My Lord

    Last night I recd. your Lordships letter favor of the 11th of July334 as also the duplicate of that of the 6th of June,335 the original of which I have received some time ago. Upon the receipt of the former of the 6th of June, I had a conversation with Mr. Pemberton; when (observing to him, that tho’ he had signified his consent to a joint patent by many letters wrote before he knew that a sign manual was issued to him alone, yet since that, He had only signified such consent by a letter to Mr. Alderman Baker,336 & that probally Mr. Pitt would Expect a letter to himself) He wrote a letter to Mr. Pitt to that subject purpose; which together with another from Mr. Pemberton to your Lordship,337 one of mine to your Lordship,338 another to Mr. Pitt339 & a Copy of the memorial which I before sent to your Lordship,340 I enclosed in one cover341 & sent it enclosed again in a large packet to the Lords of Trade342 by the Chesterfield Man of War Cap Scaife. The Captain himself took it in charge & sailed for England sep’. 3. This contains all the papers required by your Lordship in your last, & as they go by a 50 Gun ship, I hope no inconvenience will arise from my not having provided duplicates.

    I was very sorry to find myself obliged to trouble your Lordship with the papers contained in another cover sent by the same conveyance, relating to the conte[st]343 between the Merchants & the Custom house, But as this business must inavoidably come before your board, I thought it would be agreeable to your Lordship to have some previous knowledge of the Affair I propose soon to write to your Lordship on the subject of the present state of the trade of this Country, possibly to more purpose than giving details of Custom house Squabbles.

    I have not the honor of being personally known to Mr. Pitt: and it was my misfortune to be prevented paying my duty to him in person, before I left England, by his indisposition, I should think a great honour, if your Lordship would recommend my service to him. My previous Studies in England & my attention to the Kings Service in N America, ^have given me great opportunities induced me to turn my thoughts upon the political state of this province,344 to which my different stations have not a little assisted. If after a peace a general disquisition of the constitutions of the several Governments here, should take place as it is much expected, I should be very proud to be of the least use in such a work.

    I have received a letter from my son wherein he acknowledges his negligence in not waiting on your Lordship before he went to Oxford.345 I hope your Lordship will excuse the inadvertency of youth: I persuade myself that he has not ingratitude in his nature however his carelessness may make him appear so.

    I beg your Lordship will make our Compliments to the ladies & all our friends acceptable. I am with the utmost gratitude & respect. My Lord your Lordships most obedient &c

    Rt. Honble Lord Visct Barrington

    PS If a sign Manual should be prepared, I must desire your Lordship will give notice to Wm. Bollan Esq in Liecester Square to sue it out, pay the fees & transmit it. I shall write to him on the occasion346

    L, LbC BP, 2: 11-13.