133 | To Richard Jackson

    Castle William July 10th 1762

    Dr. Sr.

    The College at Cambridge in this Province have at my incitement prepared a Book of Versese537 to be presented to the King on the Subjects of his Accession & Marriage; and have put it into my hands to get it presented to the King. As the Conducting this Matter will require some management, I do not to know whom to trouble upon this occasion but you, to whom I flatter myself, it will not be wholly disagreeable, as you bear a kind of Affection to this Society.

    The first trouble you will have will be to get a Sufficient Number of these books properly bound for the King Queen & royal family &c. you will then have to wait on the Secretary of state to desire that he would present the books; or if it should be thought more proper, to introduce you to present the Books; or, if it should be thought more proper, to introduce you to present them. in Either Case It may be proper to ask Mr. Mauduit to attend with you; for tho’ this is not properly a provincial business, & therefore I was not at liberty to trouble Mr. Mauduit with it, as I am not personally acquainted with him; yet it has such a relation to the province, that I think it would be very proper for him to join in it.

    My greatest Concern is that this will arrive in London whilst you are in the Country; and there is such a necessity for losing no time that I must importune you to come to Town immediately that the books may be presented as soon as possible. A little delay may occasion them to be publick, before they get into the Kings hands, which would be very improper. And the Delay allready may be thought unacountable: some of these verses were made above a year ago; before they were collected the Kings Marriage intervened, and it was thought proper to add some verses upon that Subject. This carryed the business into the winter & ever since the time has been spent in printing & waiting for a Safe conveyance.

    I suppose it will be necessary to present Books to several Ministers of State & others besides the Royal family. I will therefore make a list of such as occur to me wch you will add to me538 as you shall see occasion. I will also inclose a letter to the secretary of state to introduce this subject to him. There is a fund provided for payment of expences, by selling of Books. a Box of which will be sent to London for that purpose. I send you old Copies 30 off which are upon Superfine Paper, in a Box directed to you to be left at Richards Coffee house539 It goes by the Launceston Man of war which convoys the Mastships.

    I have no more to add but with great earnestness to recommend this business to your care, as I have it very much at heart & am answerable for the Conduct of it

    I am Sr.

    Richd Jackson Esqr

    L, LbC BP, 2: 198-200.