128 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Castle William June 19. 1762


    Lieut Miller will wait on you with this having the command of a third parcell of recruits513 which I suppose will not be less than 25. When these are gone I have no great expectation of sending many more for the present, especially as the Hay Harvest is begun. All I can say is that I beleive the Country is throughly beat up; and all that were to be got have been.

    I have had occasion to observe that other Men might have been got upon other terms: but I did not care to make a new proposal514 whilst there was any probability of raising the Men upon your terms. I was well assured that at the time of rendezvousing our Provincials It would have been easy to have raised 2 or 3 companies out of the Regiments who would have engaged in the Kings pay & Service during the War, if they had been inlisted for separate ^entire^ corps & under officers of their own Country. And even now (tho’ it is the Very worst Season in the year for inlisting) I beleive it would be practicable to raise a company or two of rangers under officers of my nomination, either as independant companies or to be added to Gorhams Corps.515 In such case I could pick out 6 or 8 very good officers, among which Lt Miller would be one. But there is a great shyness in inlisting, where the Men are to be separated one from another & put under Officers they dont know.

    Lieut Miller has been asked by Majr Gorham to go on the expedition with him, & has asked my leave for it. I have answerd that If He can get an appointment suitable to his rank under your orders, I shall have no objection to his continuing in the province pay, untill he can obtain the Kings pay. He is a spirited & steady Young Man.

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard.

    His Excellency Sr Jeffry Amherst.

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, f 168.