88 | To [John Pownall]

    Boston Feb. 13. 1762

    Dear Sr.

    I expect that this will arrive in London about the time of your return from Ireland; for which purpose I have hitherto postponed my Acknowledging the receipt of your kind letter of the 22d. of July

    I am much obliged to you for your close Attention to my interest: as for Mr. Pembertons affair I am Satisfied that as things stood My Lord H could not, consistently with his own rules, assist me, I have since pursued it in the Secretarys office: It meets with difficulties; but I have not yet given it over.

    The money arising from the Chapple furniture I intended to be applied toward paying ffees; and if not Already, may be paid to Blackborne. The Jewell office is fair enough: but at the wardrobe they plunder me too much. The 100 y[ards]395 of damask which were given to your Brother & to me would sell for £80; and Govr. Boone could not have less allowed him to make up his money: but they Allow me but £40 15s. I have Already given you too much trouble to Attempt a redress of this, if it was practicable.

    The Flame that Barons & his People lighted this time twelve month Still continues having taken Several different turns in the course of which I have got clear of the disputes in the General Court & am now only a Spectator of & Sometimes a moderator in them. But there is such a violent Spirit of disunion Still prevails that unless I can Appease it, which I am Sometimes flattered with the hopes of, It will require nice conduct as well as good luck to keep my self quite clear of Contention. At present I stand entirely upon my own bottom, & have some real friends & a great many profest ones on both sides: and I have the Strongest Assurances from the most Active, that care should be taken not to embarrass me: but I trust to nothing but my own discretion & Integrity.

    Out of Doors, Barons’s party among the merchants are very Angry Against me at this time, upon some Advices they have received of my representations against Barons and are now preparing to send home a packet of papers upon his Subject: in which there are at present some personalties against me but whether they will remain or not at the final Settlement of them is a question As for Barons himself, He contents himself with traducing me in conversation & endeavouring to libell me in the publick papers.396 I have seen some of his libells in the known hand of his Amanuensis; & have been informed of the contents of others from some to whom he communicated them: but hitherto he has not been able to get them printed. When he is asked how he can Attempt to propagate improbable lies, he justifies himself by the right a man has to revenge in what way he can.

    I have condoled with your Brother on his disappointment long agoe, it greatly chagrined & provoked me: but I hope it is entirely over & not a trace of it left in his mind I shall write to him397 by the Ship which is to carry to this I have also more to write to you which I shall keep for one or more other Letters, this being designed only as an Answer to yours__

    I am dear Sr. Your most faithfull & Affectionate Servant

    F B

    P.S. Mar. 1

    This has waited so long for the Ship that was to carry it that I have an oppertunity to acknowledge the receipt of their Lordships letter of Novr. 25.398 & my obligations for their Support of me in their representations to the Lords of the treasury as soon as the Assembly is up I shall write to their Lordships: in the mean time I would desire you to inform them if necessary that I have hopes that none of the suits Against the Custom house officers will give any trouble to the Council board. Barons has withdrawn two of his Actions & been nonsuited399 in the third: the Cause of Mr Gray Agst. Paxton has been heard in the Superior Court when pursuant to the direction of all the Judges the Jury found a Verdict for the defendant.400 There remains only Erving vs Cradock which is appealed home but I expect every day that Mr Erving will withdraw his Judgment to prevent his answering in Appeal

    The proceedings in the Assembly do not go on so Smoothly as I could wish: but they have given a Strong proof of their having no personal disregard to me by unanimously granting to me the Island of Mount desart near Penobscot bay in consideration of my extraordinary Services as they say401 This is worth regarding as a thing of value, being a very fine Island containg near 50,000 Acres; but I set a greater value on it as it affords the Strongest proof that the Annimosities that have prevailed here do not arise in any way from me, my Conduct or estimation. However thoh the Kings Service labours hard as to the new requisition of men I have carried a vote that I think will facilitate the whole business in good time.

    L, LbC BP, 2: 29-31.