198 | To John Pownall

    Boston. Ap. 8. 1763.

    Dr Sr

    A Grant of 6 Townships on the East side of Penobscot, being part of the 12 heretofore mentioned having Past the General Court last Session,733 I take the opportunity of a small Schooner sailing for Bristol to send you one part of it together with a Copy of a State of the Province’s right to the lands in question, which was reported to the general Court last Session by a committee appointed for that purpose.734 I shall send other Copies of the same together with all other Papers due to the board of Trade by a Ship which will sail in a fortnight or three ^or four^ weeks. The Present is intended to prepare this business for consideration that as little time may be lost as may be. I apprehend that this business will not be got thro’ before next Vacation: if it could it would be better, as it would much encourage & forward the Settlement. You will observe that this grant had its commencement at the Same time with my grant, that is before the Province had any notice of their Right to the Territory being doubted.

    I am sensible that my recommendation of this settlement will seem to be influenced by my own interest. But I do assure you that if that was out of the Question, I should be as earnest, as I am, in this representation. For I do really think that this Scheme is so well calculated for the public utility, that it would be a great pity that it should miscarry.

    With the next parcell I shall send you a map of these Townships,735 that you may see how compleat & close they are laid down Altho their extent in longitude is not above 15 miles, yet Every one of them has a frontage to the Sea or to one of the Rivers which they lie between. I have sailed round great Part of this Land & can bear witness of the convenience of its Situation.

    The Grantees are to take upon them the charge of obtaining his majestys confirmation; but if the Right of the Province to make such Grants is question’d, then the Province Agent is to undertake its defence. It is to provide for that the enclosed state has been prepared; which is not now sent to you as a memorial to be laid before your board For the Province has not had any formal Notice that their Right is disputed, & they therefore cannot defend it in form. you will therefore consider this paper only as a part of the Votes of the Assembly. Mr Jackson will be appointed to sollicit the conformation, as soon as the Grantees can be called together to name a Committee: in the mean time I am desired by a Principal man among them,736 who has hitherto been Agent for the Whole, to use my Interest with Mr Jackson, that no time may be lost in the Prosecution of their business. Of the other 6 Townships you are not like to be troubled with more than the three which lie next to these Six, & of them only one has yet given bond to perform the conditions of settling.

    As my Letter to their Lordships is only meant to introduce these Grants, I suppose it need not be presented till Mr Jackson is ready to offer the Grants for confirmation. I dont think it necessary for me to write to the Secretary of State: if I should, I can only refer to my former letter to their Lordships to whom in course of business it must be referred.737 As I detain an impatient Vessel for these dispatches I shall enter upon no other business, reserving many other things for the next packett.

    Dr Sr your &c.

    John Pownal Esq.

    P.S. I have got a small Map of the land made to accompany this, the other is on a larger scale738 & will accompany the duplicates in the next dispatches.739

    L, LbC BP, 2: 265-267.

    FB’s plans to submit supporting documentation on the province’s claim to Sagadahoc were disrupted when he was obliged to respond to a censure from Board of Trade (No. 181), but he managed to finish a paper in late April or early May (No. 216). FB’s schedule is explained in No. 213.