84 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston Dec 28. 1761


    I received the favor of yours of the 6th inst380 with a certificate, which I hope will answer all that is wanted. I now inclose an account of a debt due to Castle William by artillery & stores taken from thence for his Majesty’s Service, which I suppose may be now restored without any inconvenience. I particularly desire We may have the 2 24pounders now at New York, as they belong to a particular train & are now wanted to mount (with 4 others of the same) a new battery finished last summer to defend an approach to the Castle, not before well provided against. If there is any doubt of their being our guns, I will give further proof of it. As for the others I dont expect the same pieces but a compensation as near in kind as may be. As for stores I have no particular account of them, but that they were all sent away well furnished with shot shells &c; & shall therefore desire a return in the same manner as may be convenient. I must also become a beggar for a further stock out of the spare artillery; & have added a short list of what I think so much wanted that I shall find it necessary to send to England for them if they are not to be had out of the trains here. Of this I have made a small list which will bear adding to in evry article without overstocking us.

    I beg your favor for an order for the delivery of the two 24 pounders & a recommendation to Col Williamson,381 or whomever else it shall belong to, for the other things whether they be of right or of grace382

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient & humble Servt

    Fra Bernard

    His Excellency M Genl Sr Jeffry Amherst.

    I beg leave to trouble with the inclosed to go with your next packet, as it is now difficult to get a good conveyance from hence

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, f 115.