140 | To Sir George Pocock

    Castle William near Boston July 26. 1762.


    This day sev’night I dispatched the Schooner good intent Witty Master with orders to sail directly for New Providence & there take in a Pilot for the Havanna or where else he might expect to find you.559 The contents of my dispatches were that a French fleet consisting of 2 Ships of the line, one 40 Gun ship & one bomb, had entred the Bay of Bulls in Newfdld & destroyed the settlement there & landed 1500 men (at least) & Marched by land to St. Johns which surrendered to them without firing a gun. Since which several other Vessels have arrived here confirming these Accounts.

    Having just recd Advice that a schooner will sail tomorrow from this Port for New Providence, I have thought to add this letter to my former to guard against a Miscarriage. And as I have not by me the depositions of which I sent you copies, you will excuse me if instead of other copies of them I enclose some printed Articles in our New Papers, which are conformable in substance to the Depositions themselves. Never the less one that I have taken to day I shall enclose a Copy of.

    Our Port begins to fill with Vessells which have escaped the General Wreck. This day I have recd. a letter from the Lieut. Govr. at Halifax560 desiring such reinforcements as we can spare. I shall do the Best I can. But I think Halifax will not be in danger, if the French force Amounts to no more than what I have before stated: and there is no possitive proof of any More at present. But if they should Maintain their lodgment till they are reinforced, no body knows where it will end. I need not tell your Excellency that the Maritime force on this Coast is uncommonly low ^small^. They profest to Maintain their ground, & immediately upon the Surrender of St. Johns Sent a frigate to France. But it now seems that a General Devastation along the Coasts is more intended than securing particular ports. However at present all is in confusion & uncertainty & the Earliest Relief must be from your Fleet. Genl. Amherst to whom I have communicated the earliest Accounts of this Affair,561 informs me, that he has dispatched the Lyon Armed ship to Martineco,562 with these advices: it is therefore convenient that I have directed mine by another course

    I am with great regard Sr Your most &c &

    His Excellency Sr. George Pococke

    L, LbC BP, 2: 167-168.