66 | To William Pitt

    Boston Augst. 28. 1761


    Sometime after his late Majesty’s Decease, I sent a memorial for the Earl of Halifax praying that he would recommend that my son Francis Bernard might be joined with Mr. Pemberton in the Naval Office of this Province, Mr. Pemberton having agreed thereto. But before this Memorial could be presented, A Sign Manual passed for the grant of this Office to Mr. Pemberton alone & My Lord Halifax quitted the board of trade. Mr. Pemberton having received the sign Manual317 acquainted me with it, but said he did not desire that it should be carried into Execution, if the like order in favor of him & my son could be procured. I must therefore beg leave to lay my case before you & desire your favourable consideration of it. My Lord Barrington who honours me so far, as to regard me & mine with the kindest concern, will be so good as to state my pretentions to your favor in a better manner than I can my self; I can add that I shall always endeavour to be deserving of it.

    I am, with great respect &c &c

    Rt. Honble W. Pitt Esqr

    L, LbC BP, 2: 6.