141 | To Benning Wentworth

    Boston July 29. 1762


    Having orderd a general Search to be made for deserters from the provincial troops of this province in his Majesty’s Service, I learn that there are many Such residing in your province, & sheltring themselves under the distinction of jurisdiction. Altho’ I don’t doubt but that the Magistrates of New Hampshire will act with a due sense of their duty upon this occasion yet as there is at present a particular demand of Men I’ve persuaded myself that it would be agreable to you to interpose your Authority to bring these people to justice, that they may make good their former deficiency by a present Service. For which purpose I have orderd the officers employed in this business to wait on you. I am

    His Excellency Govr. Wentworth.

    AL, LbC BP, 2: 169.