70 | To [Nathaniel Thwing]

    Castle William Sep 16. 1761


    whereas I have by my letter bearing date the 15th inst ordered you to call a Regimental Court Martial to enquire whether Capt. Edward Blake hath supplied any private Men of his Company with Sutlers stores, after he was informed that David Wyer was appointed by me & assigned by you to be sutler of his Company, It is now my order that if the Court shall find him guilty of the Charge, you suspend him untill you shall receive further orders from me.

    I am &c.

    L, LbC BP, 2: 125-126.

    Blake’s profiteering at Crown Point reflected badly on his commanding officer, Col. Nathaniel Thwing. In a draft of his letter to Thwing of 15 Sept. FB upbraided the colonel, whom he thought “ought to have exercised more Authority over Capt Blake on this occasion” (BP, 2: 120). This was omitted from the letter he dispatched, however, perhaps because Thwing’s assistance was essential if the suttling issue were to be resolved satisfactorily, in the interests of the soldiers (BP, 2: 124-125). The court-martial found Blake guilty but he continued in the service until 1763. Blake admitted to ordering provisions worth over £90 for his men and engaging in “irregular and illegal” accounting, sometimes placing orders to the value of a soldier’s entire wages. CO 5/823: 222.