106 | To Randle Wilbraham

    Boston April 25. 1762

    Dear Sr.

    I am sorry to acquaint you that Mr. Bollan is dismissed from his agency: this affair was brought into the Assembly with such secrecy, & pushed forward with such preciptancy, that it was impossible for his friends to prevent it. I don’t doubt but that they will inform ^him^ that I acted a fair part in this business: but least they should not I take this Oppertunity to Assure you, that the same testimony which I have given ^to you of my good opinion of^ you of Mr. Bollans Abilities & Integrity I have made a public declaration of upon all proper occasions. Before I came into this Government Mr. Bollans Appointment had been the subject of a contention so nicely ballanced, that I found myself obliged to profess a Neutrality in regard to it: and if I had departed from it in this late business, I should only have embarrest myself without doing Mr. Bollan any service

    I have wrote to Secretary Pownall on this subject a little more fully,460 which I have desired him to Communicate to Mr. Bollan, if He should find my candour impeached

    Mrs. Bernard joins with me in compliments to yourself your Lady & family.

    I am Sr. Your most obedient &c

    Randal Wilbraham Esqr

    L, LbC BP, 2: 186-187.