139 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Castle William July 25. 1762.


    I am favoured with yours of the 20th inst by Wyer.551 I hope you have received the further Accounts I sent you by the Post on Monday552 & that a letter of mine & a packet from Halifax which were dispatched on Thursday last by the Hartford River to be forwarded with the best expedition ^will arrive in a day or two^.553 All these contain evry declaration I have taken, except one of Evan Pitts of not much consequence, the substance of which was in our last Thursday paper.554 I have also seen a Merchant from London who has been drove off Newfoundland, who sayes that before he left London, they had advice that a fleet of 7 Ships which had escaped from Brest was seen bearing for America. And it seems to me that that is the probable Number of the Enemies Ships at Newfoundland, tho’ there is not positive proof of more than the 4 ships in the Bay of Bulls of 74, 64, 40 & the Bomb.555

    I dispatched a clean Schooner on Monday last for Admiral Pococke with Copies of all the Advices I had then received, which included all sent to you. I orderd her to New Providence there to take a good pilot for the Havannah or wherever Sr George Pococke was. I wrote to Genl Shirley556 to desire him to forward her with all expedition: If She has good luck, she may get to the Havannah in 10 or 12 days; the passage from Providence thro’ the Bahama Islands being Very short with a skilfull Pilot.

    I have just now received a second letter from Lt Govr Belcher dated 11 July wherein he desires that I would send him any additional troops that I can.557 I can make up about 50 provincials that have been employed in the recruiting Service, (without any hurt to that Service) & perhaps may get together near 20 regular recruits. I shall send these away probably by the middle of the Week: but I dont see how I shall be able to raise Any fresh forces, unless it is by Way of replacing those that have refused to reenlist or have enlisted in the regular Service: and of these I have not received a regular return ^& believe that at Halifax the Deficiency is supplied by fresh recruits^. However I shall lay this request before the Council tomorrow morning. If it produces any thing material, I will add it in a postscript.558

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard.

    His Excellency Sr Jeffry Amherst.


    Since I have wrote the preceding Sevral Vessels are come in from Halifax, from a passenger in one of which I have got a deposition a copy of which I inclose. I find it Very difficult to do any thing material to reinforce Halifax but have not quite given it up.

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, ff 184-185.