The Papers of Governor Francis Bernard

    13 November 1759 — 29 December 1763

    1 | From the Earl of Halifax

    Downing Street Novr: ye 13th 1759


    The Government of the Massachusets becoming vacant by Mr Pownall’s being appointed to that of South Carolina,50 and my Friend Lord Barrington51 having informed me of your Desire, in Case of a Vacancy, of being removed there, I have accordingly recommended You to his Majesty as Successor to Mr Pownall; and have the Pleasure of informing you that the King yesterday approved the Recommendation. I heartily wish you Joy of your Promotion, and make no Doubt but you will make the People as happy in your new Government as you woud have done ^in new Jersey,^ had you continued there. Mr Thomas Boone is appointed to Succeed you in the Government of New Jersey,52 where you will remain till his arrival. upon Mr Pownall’s leaving Boston the Government will devolve upon Mr Hutchinson, Lieutenant Governor,53 who will hold it, till you shall be replaced by Mr Boone. Your Commission and Instructions shall in due Time be sent you.

    Before Mr Pownall Embarks for England I earnestly desire you woud pass a few Days with him at any Place you shall agree upon, in order that you may receive from him full Information of all Matters relative to the Province you are to preside over. It is impossible to pursue a better Plan of Government than what he directed himself by.

    I am Sir Your Most Obedient Humble Servant

    Dunk Halifax54

    ALS, RC BP, 9: 71-72.

    Here Halifax indicates that he had discussed the rotation of the governors with King George II on 12 Nov., two days before the Privy Council approved the Board of Trade’s recommendation to appoint FB governor of Massachusetts. JBT, 11: 59-60. FB’s appointment, together with those of governors Lyttleton, Boone, and Pownall, was announced in the London Gazette on 27 Nov. FB first learned of his promotion “in the beginning of January,” several weeks before Halifax’s official notification. BP, 1: 217. He may have read the news in the London Gazette for it was not announced in the court circulars reported in The New-York Gazette. FB replied to Halifax not on 18 Feb., but two days earlier, No. 5.