2 | From the Board of Trade


    His Majesty having been graciously pleased to approve of your being appointed Governor of the Massachusets Bay, in the room of Mr Pownall preferred to the Government of South Carolina, We take this Opportunity of congratulating you upon this Mark of His Majesty’s Favour; and of acquainting you, that His Majesty has also been pleased to approve of Thomas Boone Esqr// to succeed you in the Government of New Jersey. Mr// Boone is now resident in South Carolina, but will have Orders forthwith to repair to New Jersey; and therefore his Patent and Instructions together with your own for the Government of the Massachusets Bay will be transmitted to you as soon as they are passed. We are,

    Sir, Your most obedient, humble Servants.

    Dunk Halifax.

    Soame Jenyns.56

    W. G. Hamilton.57

    W. Sloper.58

    James Oswald.59


    Whitehall Novr// 14. 1759

    L, LbC CO 5/998, pp. 141-142.

    FB replied to the Board of Trade on 25 Feb. 1760, BP, 1: 135-137. For FB’s General instructions and Trade Instructions, 18 Mar. 1760, see Appendices 1 and 2.