36 | From Jeffery Amherst

    New York, 29th. March 1761.__


    It is with the utmost satisfaction that I learn from Your favor of the 23d. Instant, that You flatter Yourself there will be no great Difficulty in obtaining 4000 men and that You will use Your best Endeavors to get them well fitted out;198 from Your known Zeal, & that of the Assembly for promoting the good of His Majesty’s service, I am Confident I shall soon have the pleasure to hear that You have Succeeded in the first, & that the latter will meet no obstacles; meanwhile I must offer You my most sincere acknowledgements for Your Intended proposal that these men may be raised for one Year to be Computed from the 1st. of may; this is a most Convincing proof how much You have the good of the service at heart; Experience has shewn what Inconveniences attend a more confined limitation and I have frequently Endeavored to get this Evil removed but without success; I leave You therefore to Judge, how agreable this proposal is to me; & how much I wish that You may Carry it: As a greater Encouragement thereto You may Assure the Assembly from me, that altho’ their men are raised for such a Certain time, Yet if their Services can be dispensed with, prior to its Expiration they shall not on that accompt be detained one day longer than needs must; this I should hope will Ensure Your Success of so wise & Commendable a measure, which I cannot sufficiently thank You for.__

    I am, with great Regard.__ Sir, Your most Obedient Humble Servant

    Jeff: Amherst.

    His Excellency Governor Bernard.

    LS, RC BP, 9: 179-180.