241 | To John Pownall

    Castle William Octr 30th. 1763

    Dr. Sr.

    Last night a Brig from London brought the Advice of the death of Lord Egremont935 communicated by Mr. Mauduit,936 I had by me a Letter of mine to him sealed ready for dispatch, in answer to his937 relating to the Appointment of the Captains of the men of War on this Coast to be Custom house officers &c, In mine I endeavoured to show the Expediency of continuing the indulgence, which has been allowed time out of Mind, of Letting Lemmon & Wine in small quantities brought from Lisbon &c by our fish Vessells to pass as ship stores, untill the parliament shall make such importation Lawfull; of which there can be no doubt, if the Case is well understood, My letter is wrote with more freedom than I should have used to I know not who: however I shall let it pass on to the Office let whoever command there

    The People here are greatly alarmed at a report that it is determined to carry the Molasses Act into full Execution. I could write a Volume against this measure, If I was at Liberty: but I dont think it prudent to obtrude my advice, especially as it is probable that the contrary to it is resolved upon, So that I will only say, & that in Confidence to you, that I dread the Consequence of such a resolution. It can’t be imagined now that NAmerica will be sacrificed at this time of day to the West Indies;938 and therefore the only motive to such a step is supposed to be the raising a good sum of money. But it is my opinion paradoxical as it may seem, that more mony could be raised by a penny a Gallon than by Six pence And tho’ possibly the trade may bear, 1½ d. ^three half pence^, it would be better to set out with a penny tho’ it was determined to add another half penny soon after; for this reason if there was no other; Every one will readily submit to 1d. ^one penny^ tho’ it is to be doubted whether 1½ d. ^three half pence^ will be so well received. so that by the former you would be sure to learn the utmost of the produce, whereas by the latter perhaps you might not.939 once more I am your &c &c__

    J Pownall Esqr. q940

    L, LbC BP, 3: 104-106.