27 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston Feb 7 1761


    I am favoured with yours of the seventeenth of January & am glad that the advices I sent you were so opportune:156 I can assure you that the pleasure I had in sending them could not be Very short of yours upon the receipt of them.

    I made the Assembly acquainted with what you communicated to me by your former letter157 that the assistance of these Colonies in the prosecution of the War would be expected for next year. As no Destination is as yet proposed, I could not ask for a previous provision: but I have made a short prorogation, which, if I hear of nothing to the contrary before Monday next, I shall continue to the 4th day of March, by which time I may hope to be fully instructed concerning the King’s commands

    I have been earnestly solicited by one Simon Butler,158 to use my intrest with you in behalf of his Son Simon Butler, who being in the provincial Service last year was inlisted, on his return to Albany, by a Serjeant in Capt Crookshanks independant company.159 The Father, who is a considerable farmer ^landholder^ in this province, is Very uneasy on this occasion, & begs that he may [be] released, he paying all charges & as much more as shall be wanted: he is ready to pay 10 guineas & would go to 20, if required or further. I suppose this Money will procure the King a better man, & therefore am desirous that, if it does not too much break thro’ rules, he may be released. If you’ll please to order the officer to Signify to me what sum will be required, it will be sent to NYork directly.

    I am desired by the Assembly to make application to you for the fourpences billeting money allowed to the provincials on thier return home:160 these were not paid to them on their leaving the camp, by reason of the officer charged therewith declaring his intention, to set off the hospital account, which could not be settled by those who were to receive the billeting money; and therefore they received nothing. I have ordered the account of the billeting money to be made out; if you will order that of the hospital to be ready & appoint some person here to join with a Commis[sioner] of mine to settle them, It will easily be done.161

    We have here 10 prisoners of War that were sent here from Quebec last fall: they cost us more than the groats, which I suppose, is all you can allow for them. They will wait your orders, & an Account of the time they will have been here will be ready when wanted.

    The Detachment of Royalls162 which put in here & have behaved Very well during their stay here, sailed for Halifax last Tuesday. They have had in general a fair Wind; at present it is Very fair for them but blows rather to hard.

    I am, with great Truth & Regard, Sr Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    His Excellency Mr General Amherst


    Having recommended to the Assembly to establish Truck-houses for the Indians, they have enabled me to set up two in the North East parts of the province.163 In regard to the Westerly parts We could not determine, on any thing, not knowing what may be depended upon, out of our own province. I am therefore to desire you to let me know whether I may be at liberty to establish a provincial Truck-house at Crown point with leave to have subordinate stores at Montreal or any other places within reach especially at the times of Fairs or other public meetings. It is proposed to carry on this trade by Truck-masters on the account of the province, who will be put under all possible regulations that may oblige them to deal honestly & fairly. If I have proper encouragement, I will endeavour to settle such a Trading House, as shall be of great public use, whether We keep Canada or not.

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, ff 80-81.